Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Returning to 3D Art by Robert Marzullo

Hello fellow artist and creative types.  I have some exciting news.  I am finally returning to 3D Art.  I was a Lightwave guy back in 2002-2005.  I had some mild success with my endeavors.  I made some animations for local TV spots and even won a few Addy Awards.  I quit working with the local ad agency to focus on my sign business but I always had some regret about no longer working in 3D.  At the time my finances were limited so I couldn't justify the cost of buying a software that I may not make much money with on my own.

So now to the present.  I have purchased Lightwave and Zbrush and I am ready to jump in head first.  I am super excited to see what I can produce.  I am relearning Lightwave and Zbrush is a new monster but very intuitive so I think I should be up and running in no time. ( Hopefully! )

And that is why I am sharing this here with you.  I want to share this adventure with you all!  It may appear that I am heading in another direction from just illustrating my comic book Blackstone but in all reality this is a push in that direction.  I always knew that my character would best be displayed in a 3D environment.  I mean where else can a shiny black alien with a pile of tentacles attached to his back look so cool.  Zbrush is going to allow me to create  Blackstone in full detail.  Lightwave will be the movie set in which he animates and comes to life.   In fact, I plan on creating most of the cast to the Blackstone Eternal Comic.  It will not only give me great references to drawing the book but then when I pitch the movie idea at Spielberg I will have the models to better present my concept.  Ok, I admit that I may be shooting for the preverbial stars.  But no one ever gets anywhere by aiming half way.  At the very least the 3D models can be used in the Blackstone video game! :)

So there it is.  That is what I am up to.  I will start posting more of my 3D work as I feel it is up to snuff.  I may also do the occasional tutorial on my Youtube channel to help people figure out some of the roadblocks that I am about to try to overcome.  And if you are a comic book nerd like me but you have a passion for 3D then feel free to share your comments too.

Art is a collective process and only through the belief of that concept can we achieve the next level in our mental capacity.  Does that even make sense?  Oh well, it sounded pretty neat in my head. lol

So more on the way real soon and as always, thanks for watching and reading!

Robert A. Marzullo
Ram Studios Comics