Saturday, April 30, 2016

How to Make Changes to Your Digital Paintings in Photoshop

This video is on making changes to your digital paintings while creating them inside of Photoshop.  This should help you better understand how to make incremental adjustments to your work so you don't get frustrated and give up.  Digital paintings can and should always move forward.  There are just too many ways to fix your work to throw it in the digital garbage can. 

In this video I go over the transform tool, the quick mask, the liquify tool, the pen and path tool, and how to better use layers to test and edit your work.  I also show you a few tips with the brushes that I use to modify my paintings.  If you find this helpful with your art then please share it.  Be on the lookout for my new brushes that I am using in this video.   They will be on my Gumroad page in the next few days!

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Robert A. Marzullo
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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Practicing the Andrew Loomis Method for Drawing Heads

Just some practice using the Andrew Loomis method for drawing heads at various angles.  I like the fundamental knowledge of this approach.  Not sure if I will adopt it entirely but there are some advantages to laying out the head in this fashion.  I really like the accuracy it gives you for angled perspectives.  If you are struggling to get your heads drawn consistently then learn this method.  I still need to get his book and study it in more detail but hopefully this will get you started.  I have learned this technique from other art professionals so it comes highly recommended.  You can watch a video where I demonstrate this method here on my Youtube channel :

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Robert A. Marzullo
Ram Studios Comics

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

My Orgrim Painting was Featured on #FanArtFriday by World of Warcraft!

Got some pretty exciting news a few days ago.  ( Well exciting for me anyways! )  I got a message from one of the team members at Blizzard Entertainment, the guys that create World of Warcraft and they asked me if I would like to have my painting featured on #FanArtFriday?  I was like, "Hell Yeah I would!"  Well,  I didn't say that because I try to maintain a certain degree of professionalism with my art career.  So I simply said, "Cool!"  And a few days later the post was up.  Not sure if this really means anything to the grand scheme of things but it still gives me great pride to know that my work is being seen and that I would be asked by a creative team like theirs to showcase my work.  

I am honored and I just wanted to take the time to let other artist know that if you are trying to make a name for yourself I really recommend Fan Art!  I have read so many mixed reviews on this topic.  A lot of people frown upon the art form and claim that artist that do it are not original enough.  I strongly disagree.  If you study a movie,comic, or game character that you like and paint them in your own style you are simply showing your vision of that character.  Think of it like this, if you were to paint a portrait of your neighbors dog no one would say man you cheated because you looked at that darn dog.  But because people are so into a certain character or game or whatever, they take it more personal.  It is also the reason that the fan art gets so much more attention.  They can identify with the character on a more personal level.  And it shows your skill set as an artist if you can create that character in a way that they immediately recognize them and create a response.

So I say go for it!  Create all the fan art you want and get your talent out there.  It is nice to see companies like Blizzard rewarding their fans for creating and ultimately promoting their characters.
So my hats off to the World of Warcraft team!

You can see their #FanArtFriday here

Thanks for reading and more on the way real soon!

Robert A. Marzullo
Ram Studios Comics

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Daredevil Pinup Drawn in Sketchbook Pro 8

Another comic book fan art piece.  I just finished watching season two of Daredevil and it immediately got me inspired to do this. I was really happy with the portrayal of the Punisher and Elektra as well.  They really hit the nail on the head with that season.

 This took me around 8 hours which is way too long on a pinup like this but sometimes it just happens.  This was created in Sketchbook Pro 8 with a Wacom Cintiq.  My next art piece is a werwolf so be on the lookout for that. And then I think my next Marvel character will be Thanos or Thor.  Still trying to decide.  Keep in mind when my schedule is open I take commissions.  Just saying!

More on the way real soon and I hope you like the work!

Robert A. Marzullo
Ram Studios Comics

Drawing and Painting a P.E.K.K.A. Character from Clash of Clans

So here is my next quick study.  A P.E.K.KA. character from Clash of Clans.  Been playing this game way too much but I like the character designs and wanted to do this quick challenge.  So my goal here is the paint this character to look as nice as the 3D renders that you see online for the game advertisements but with my own pose created by studying other shots.  To me this is a great exercise because it teaches you to look at the subject matter and then make your own version.  Plus it can be tricky getting all those little details painted in that you see in a 3D creation. 

So it all starts here.  The basic line art to get the ball rolling.  I do this to get major shapes in place before I paint.  Sometimes I get the line work pretty close and other times I just have to make sizable changes as I work through the painting.  This is all being done in Manga Studio 5 with a Wacom Cintiq 22.  I will put out an update after the painting is done so let me know if I nailed it or I just need to try again and again and again. 

Thanks for viewing and more on the way real soon!

Robert A. Marzullo
Ram Studios Comics

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

How to Draw and Color a Comic Book Girl's Face Tutorial

Here is a step by step tutorial on how I draw and color a comic book face in Manga Studio 5.  Some of these techniques can be used for traditional methods as well but this is primarily focused on digital art.  If you find this helpful then please share it.  Thanks for stopping by and more on the way real soon! 

And by the way, let me know what else you want to see in the future and I will do my best to make it happen.

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Drawing Hand Poses by Robert Marzullo

Here are some more hand studies.  I constantly have to revisit this subject matter because of the sheer complexity of the hands.  They can create so many various shapes and expressions.  My comic work always lacks some of the dynamic hand poses that I want to accomplish one day so this is how I slowly get there.  This was from looking at various photos and drawing them in my own style but the goal is to be able to draw hands without looking at any reference at all.  So persistence is key and lots and lots of practice.  I will be adding more body parts real soon along with more body poses.

These were drawn digitally on a Wacom Cintiq and I spent roughly 3 -5 minutes per pose.  Let me know what else you would like to see in the future and I will be sure to add it to the list. Thanks for stopping by! ;)

Robert A. Marzullo
Ram Studios Comics

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Comic Book Inking Brushes for Photoshop CC by RAM

So here are my revolutionary comic book inking brushes for Photoshop CC.  These brushes are lots of fun and should save you huge amounts of time.  The Crackle effect alone is extremely useful.  Not to mention all the cool effects that can be made with the different cross hatching brushes in here.  And I am pretty sure the hair brush will be a big hit as well.  Keep in mind you need a tablet that supports pressure sensitivity and rotation to take full advantage of these brushes.  And also remember that these brushes will not make or break you as an artist.  You will still have to dedicate time to master them but as I said before, used correctly they can save you lots of time.  So if you check them out please let me know what you think and what you might like to see in the future and I will do my best to make it happen.

This set is available on my Gumroad for $5 but also grab my FREE set while you are there and try those out as well.  You can watch a demonstration video on my Youtube channel to see these puppies in action!  Hope to hear from you soon and thanks for your support! ;)

These brushes were designed in and for Photoshop CC 2015.  This is an ABR File.  It should
work with all the CS Versions as well.

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Robert A. Marzullo
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