Saturday, November 26, 2016

Creating Comics on the iPad Pro with Procreate - Inking Catwoman

In this video I show the interface of Procreate as I ink Catwoman. I am using an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to show How to draw comic art.  I talk about some of the features that make inking in this program not only fun to do but very effective. I have had lots of questions on whether or not this device can replace a Cintiq and a desktop computer.  So I also touch on that subject as well.  In this video I talk mainly about how to ink cleaner lines and how to use the selection tool to create your fills. I also show you how to change your line color on a individual layer very quickly.

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Robert A. Marzullo

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Illustrating the Leg Anatomy - Step by Step Study

Illustrating the Leg Anatomy - Step by Step Study 

In this video I illustrate the leg anatomy step by step. I show where the muscles are on the front and back of the legs. If you like this type of video please comment below and share this so that I can do more.

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Robert A. Marzullo
Ram Studios Comics

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Ram Studios Comics Website is now LIVE!!

I created a new website for Ram Studios Comics.  I needed an updated website that was mobile optimized since so many people use phones and tablets these days.  This new site is created with Wordpress so you can also comment on posts and give me your feedback.  The website is still a work in progress but I will be adding new content to it each week until it is done.  Then I will do new updates at least twice a month or as needed.

This new site will be an online portfolio for my comic and digital painting work but it will also be a resource center for aspiring artists.  I will be sharing step by step demonstrations in both image and video format.  I will create blog posts that will be to help educate artists on topics like finding work, completing projects, finding motivation, staying inspired, and ways to collaborate.  I am sure there will be lots of other topics to cover as the website evolves. You are always welcome to let me know what problems you face and would like to see covered.

You will also be able to get my custom brushes and art courses through my website as well.  And don't worry, if you don't have the extra money to spend there will also be free content on my Youtube channel.

So I hope you enjoy the new site and be sure to let me know what you think! Keep drawing and keep having fun!

Robert A. Marzullo
Ram Studios Comics

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Udemy's Black Friday Sale Started Today!

So Udemy's Black Friday Sale is here.  This is my first year being an instructor and I wasn't aware that this even existed a few months ago.  I mean we all have heard of the deals you get on Black Friday but I never knew that it was used in the digital learning platform community.  Now I know, and I guess it's a pretty BIG deal.

So just so you know what I am talking about, today all the courses on Udemy went on sale for $10.  Which for some courses that sell for up to $200 that can be a huge savings.  And Udemy does some heavy promotions to get the word out on this event.  Then viola, instant fat cash for the instructors.  Well, sometimes anyways.  It seems that the big heavy hitters do really well with this sale and some people don't quite make the cut.  Makes sense really.  Udemy is going to push the ones that have a larger conversion and overall success rate to maximize their profits.  You really cannot blame them for that.  Overall, everyone stands to gain more students in this process and students mean sustainable income if you are a good instructor that continually can put out great content.  It's the name of the game no matter what platform you decide to work within.  After all, "Content is King."

Now some might play the numbers game and just push out lots of product with low quality content.  And to tell you the truth, it probably would work with at least some small degree of quality.  You know the Taco Bell of instructional video.  ( No offense Taco Bell, you know I love you. ) And you really can't blame someone for that.  If they wan't to work twice as hard to push low quality volume then so be it! It's an open market place.  Me on the other hand, I would rather focus on quality over quantity.  But I am not going to not produce because there might be a better video course on the same subject matter.   Although I strive for quality I don't give in to the fears of not being the absolute best in the industry.  That is a sure fire way to slow and even kill your motivation.  You can be aware that people are doing something better than you but cannot let that hinder you from jumping in the game.  If you wait until you are good enough by other peoples standards then you may wait too long and miss lots of great opportunities.  Besides if you are like me then you learn by doing anyways.  So jump on in and get started!

So Black Friday is here and I not sure if I will get lots of amazing sales since I am still new to this game but I am hopeful.  There are three major sales of the year like this and some instructors have made claims that they make the majority of their income of theses sales.  So is you have some expertise in a popular subject matter.  Get to work and start sharing the knowledge.  The video learning platform has taken over and I don't see it going anywhere for quite some time.  Well, until they can download stuff into your brain like the Matrix!

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How to Improve Your Figure Drawing Step by Step

Creating Comic Book Faces in Sketchbook Pro

Robert A. Marzullo
Ram Studios Comics

Sunday, November 13, 2016

How to Draw Legs - Tutorial

In this video I talk about how to draw the male muscular leg. This is a step by step tutorial that I created in Sketchbook Pro 8 but the same rules apply to traditional art as well. If you enjoy this video please subscribe for new drawing lessons each week. I also take video requests so be sure to comment and I will address yours when I can.

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Robert A. Marzullo
Ram Studios Comics

Monday, November 7, 2016

How to Create A Split Screen or Active Mirrored Window in Clip Studio Paint - To get my Custom Brushes for Clip Studio Paint and Manga Studio 5.  In this video I explain how to create an interactive split screen or mirror window of your active work space in Clip Studio Paint. This is a great feature to help with recognizing flaws in your drawing and paintings while you create. It can be a huge time saver!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Custom Brushes for Clip Studio Paint Pro / Manga Studio 5 - 50 Digital Painting Textures and Efffects

Hello Everyone!  I just wanted to put the word out that I am in the middle of a new brush set.  These are for the amazing program Clip Studio Paint Pro A.K.A. Manga Studio 5.  I was asked to do this set a while ago and like always, stuff ( meaning work ) seems to get in the way.  But now I am finally here and enjoying the process entirely.

The brush engine in Clip Studio Paint is fantastic.  It really gives you the most freedom to create amazing brushes that really do work.  So far with this brush pack I have been able to create some real winners that I can honestly say I will be using quite a bit.  Here are some of the brushes that will be in this 50 pack - Foliage brushes, power effects, fur brush, hair brush, tree bark, reptile skin, rock textures, cloud brush, rain, lightning, monster teeth, water effects and many more.  Along with some background patterns like hexagons and carbon fiber.

This set will help to save lots of time on various textures.  You will still need to add your own style  over top of these effects and these are not meant to replace your art as much as they are to help you grow and learn while creating.  I have already gotten lots of great feedback from other artists on this set and I will do my best to get your ideas in here if I can.

Keep in mind that right now you can get this set for $4 as a pre-release option.  There are currently 8 brushes available for download right now and more on the way.  The rest will be finished by the end of November and new ones are uploaded daily for you to start playing around with.  By buying it now you  get access to the brushes as they are created but when the full set of 50 brushes goes live the price will increase to $8.  But you will be locked in by buying early and get access to all updates to this set for free.

Here are some of the brushes and effects that are already ready to go....

This image was created using the hair, fur, and magic brush.

There are currently 8 brushes ready to use and counting.....

You can get your copy here - Gumroad Link -

You can watch a video of the foliage and nebula power brush being demonstrated here -

I thank you for stopping by and appreciate your support of my work.  It helps me to keep creating new brushes and new artwork.  For that I am eternally grateful!!

Robert A. Marzullo
Ram Studios Comics

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