Thursday, March 31, 2016

My Course on Creating Characters in Sketchbook Pro 8 is now on Udemy

In this course I cover how to draw a male and female comic book face from start to finish using Sketchbook Pro 8.  I go over how to clean up your line work and use various layers with brushes to do so.  After refining the line work and going to digital inks I show you how to apply flats and colors to your characters.  This course is 1.5 hours long and has lots of great techniques for bettering your ability to draw faces and improving your understanding of Sketchbook Pro 8.

If you take this course and have any questions then please feel free to ask and give it a review if you have time.  I do my best to answer each and every question you have!

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Robert A. Marzullo
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Friday, March 25, 2016

Batman Vs. Superman Fan Art by RAM...

So here is my take on the two greatest DC characters (IMO) battling it out.  I had to create this in honor of the new movie which I would bet my little piggy bank, it is going to rock!  Not going to picks sides but I would have to say this is an uphill battle for the Batman.  I created this one in Sketchbook Pro 8 and it took me around 8 hours to pencil all these little details.  And I loved every minute of it.  Never get bored drawing a piece like this.  You know you love something when you can do it for 8 straight hours and not want to stop.  So I hope you like this fan art piece and more of it on the way real soon.  For now I have to get back to some paying work.....unfortunately! ;)

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Robert A. Marzullo
Ram Studios Comics

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Digitally Painting a Portrait of Megan Fox by Robert A. Marzullo

So here is my latest speed painting video of the beautiful Megan Fox.  This is another one of my studies and you probably know me by now, I like to share my work.  So here it is.  And this has also allowed me to interact with a few viewers that expressed wanting to know how I go about doing a portrait.  It hasn't occurred to me until now that I haven't really done that topic on my channel.  Duh!  Portraits are so widely appreciated that it makes perfect sense to go over that subject.  Now I will be honest and say that I don't often nail the portrait as you can probably see here with my version of Megan but I will share my humble approach to this type of work and you can take from it what you will.  And I would never allow the fact that I don't always hit the nail on the head to stop me from building a house.  That flipping house is getting built! Crooked nails and all! ;)

So keep a look out for my portrait tutorials real soon.  I will probably start with the mapping of the facial features which is the hardest part in my opinion and then we will go over value studies and working up forms, then adding textures.  You know, all that fun stuff!

Thanks for watching and more on the way real soon!

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Lets Make a Superhero - Step by Step - Part 3 - Manga Studio 5

So here is Part 3 of "Let's Make a Superhero!"  This was one of my first series and it wasn't as easy as I thought so I have lots of things to improve but it was fun to do.  This was basically a work along with the subscribers to the channel.  They gave comments and ideas and I had to composite them together into this singular perspective that has now been named......wait for it........THRUSTER! lol.

Maybe not the most impressive of names and probably already been used once or twice but this was for the experimentation and learning process.  It is always exciting to get feedback from viewers and see what can be done with it.  It also allowed me to see some real flaws in my own work and process.  My proportions are off and my character design is stiff.  But now that I have spotted the problem it is time to fix it.  So lots of long hours ahead of me and time to study some of the greats and why they are great!

I just want to say thanks for everyone that participated in this project.  It took me a bit longer to produce than I hoped.  Life always seems to get in the way.  The next one will be quicker and more polished.  I already have requests to do a Super Villain so maybe we will cover that topic next!

Can't wait to see how that one goes! :)

Thanks for stopping by and keep up the good fight!

Robert A. Marzullo
Ram Studios Comics

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