Sunday, March 22, 2015

Working on some New Tutorials!!

Hello everyone!

I would have posted sooner but I have been one busy little bee. Trying to get Storyboards done for clients and the occasional freelance art job leaves me with little time. And I am still getting used to being a dad! Did I mention I also run a signs business? Whewwww. Time for a vacation me thinks. :)

Anyways, here is the update that I wanted to share for anyone who cares. As you may or may not know I upload at least one video per week on my Youtube channel. Although I don't make much cash from it. ( Enough to pay my cell phone bill, so that is cool. ) But, the real potential of my channel is connecting will other artists, fans for the comic book BLACKSTONE ( did I write that big enough?? ), and even the occasional business deal. Mainly in a word…..Exposure! I am up to over 2000 views per day so that gains me the occasional illustration job and once and a while a book sale on Indyplanet. So I am pretty happy with those results.

Did I mention you can get Blackstone here….

I don't really need the money. Well, yes I need the money but that isn't why I do it. I enjoy teaching and sharing techniques that I have acquired. It feels right. As an artist I will need to look over someones shoulder from time to time to grow my perspective. Nothing worse than someone who doesn't want to share their P R E C I O U S. ( Said in a scary Gollum voice. ) Little fact of life, you get what you give. Simple as that. That is why if you work hard enough you gain success. Maybe not as quick as you would like but it happens.

So another great thing that has developed from my Youtube exposure has been tutorial deals. People have seen the videos that I create and are now offering me deals to work with them creating content. I am very excited to do so because it allows me to share with other artist and to make a living for my family. Two birds one stone kinda thingy. So I will keep you posted as some of these projects are released and you can support if you like. If you cannot afford them, I will continue to keep making Youtube videos that are free for you to watch. Just share them every now and then so I can one day not only pay my cell phone bill but also buy my family a cheeseburger. ( Did that sound desperate? Sorry.. :) I am kidding, it does help me to progress the channel though.

One site that I have already worked for is  so be sure to check them out and there is even a free download of the art that I did if you would like a copy of it. We always appreciate the continued support!

I will keep you posted on the new courses that are coming out. I want to make sure everything goes smoothly before I open my mouth any wider!

Thanks for reading my babble and see ya soon!

Robert A. Marzullo
Ram Studios Comics

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