Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ram Studios Comic's Paid Youtube Channel is Now Gone....... :(

Well, that was a short lived business idea.  The Ram Studios Comics paid channel took its last breath today.  I couldn't stand to see it not going anywhere so I ended it.  I brought my three videos over to my main channel so that they would be used and shared and seen.  I couldn't bare to watch them sit there and rake in one or two views a day.  I usually do not give up on something so quickly but I also felt that a lot of people really enjoy one perfect thing about Youtube. FREE VIDEOS!! ( Minus the ads of course! ) And I am guilty of this naughty pleasure myself.  Being able to tune in to whatever floats the proverbial boat while entering into a near vegetative state is what Youtube is all about.  It made me also thing about television.  I cannot stand most television but I occasionally watch it because it is free.  I have become so accustomed to big box office smash hits with large deep pocket special effects that I cannot seem to watch basic TV for very long.  And by comparison my channel is an even more basic TV so why would I charge?  Well, I offer knowledge......right?  Not good enough, Mr. Rogers offered more knowledge than I can ever share and it was all FREE!  And to this day that mind blowing song is stuck in my head.  What sorcery is this?!?!  So now to the point. ( If I ever really had one in the first place. )  Since I don't have a big budget to make fancy special effects, wouldn't it be better to at least share my work and hopefully gain more viewers and in turn maybe grow my career a bit more while helping my fellow artist.  Sure that sounds nice!  So that is what I came to the conclusion of.  Maybe I don't make much with my Youtube channel but the one thing it does very, very well is get my work out there.  Since I have been on Youtube I have sold more commissions than ever and been paid to do tutorials for various companies.  Even though the money from Youtube is almost a smack in the face, the exposure in invaluable.  So there it is folks.  Sorry I didn't stick to my guns and keep the channel pressing forward but it wasn't feeling right.

Besides it will allowing me to focus on this channel which seems to be growing pretty nicely and I am happy with that!  Thanks for your continued support and talk at you soon!

And remember....."It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!" :)

Robert A. Marzullo

Ram Studios Comics

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