Tuesday, April 28, 2015

How to Draw Comics - The Quick Read - Manga Studio - Tutorial by Robert ...

In this how to draw comics lesson I go over the "Quick Read". The quick read is when you draw something in a basic and easy to understand sketch. So many artist go right for the fun stuff and try to over render their art to doll up the illustration. It is best if you first practice the fundamentals of the sketching process. In this video I go over some of these techniques in laying out a scene but then also how to not over detail areas that may not need it.

By creating a strong thumbnail or basic quick read sketch, your fancy rendering and line work will truly stand tall. It is in this part of the process you also figure out the composition of your piece. Something that is very important to creating a successful drawing. 

I hope you enjoy this video and please let me know what you would like to see in the future with this channel. I upload a new video each week!

This art was created using Manga Studio 5 EX and a Wacom Cintiq.

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Robert A. Marzullo
Ram Studios Comics

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