Thursday, July 30, 2015

Star Wars - Jedi Master Yoda - Digital Painting by Robert Marzullo

Here is the finished digital painting that I created of Master Yoda.  The greatest Jedi knight ever!  I haven't done much Star Wars stuff since my illustrious art career began but I have always been a huge fan.  I honestly didn't feel confident enough because there is such a defined look and feeling of the characters and I was much better suited for an overly styled comic book creation.  And now with digital painting I can do more in depth studies of characters like this one and come a lot closer to their overall look.

I plan on doing a lot more Star Wars characters.  Both from the old and new versions.  I am not one of the fans that swear by one or the other.  I am pretty happy to see anything Star Wars.  Shoot, I was even happy to see them on Happy Meals! ( I am pretty easily pleased. :)  I am most impressed with the earlier movies because of what they accomplished with so little technology.  The models, makeup, and effects were ground breaking.  They still hold up to this day in my opinion.  So awesome job Sir George Lucus!  You made the imagination of millions of children expand even further.  Possibly even billions at this point.  And the new movies still have a great spin on them.  The new effects are fun to watch and I enjoyed the new characters even though a lot of fans said they didn't, I am sure they still watched the movies over and over again.

So I hope you enjoy this piece.  It was fun to do and more are on the way.  I plan on doing a large collage of all the characters when I have them completed.  It is a great way to expand my abilities as an artist and show my love for a concept that further pushed me into the world of imagination and creation.

Thanks for watching and you can get a higher resolution download of this on my DeviantArt page at the link below.

May the force be with you! ;)

Robert A. Marzullo


  1. Hi Rob, this is definitely one of my favorite pieces you've done to date. I can't wait to see more. I too am a Star Wars fan, all the way back to the beginning of the franchise. I still remember the excitement, as a kid, standing in line at the theater to see the premiere of the first Star Wars movie. And I agree with you on all points about the whole Star Wars universe. In my opinion, it's a fun and entertaining way to escape real life, and I still enjoy re-watching the films on DVD occasionally.

    Keep up the awesome work bud.

    1. Yep! Same here. Star Wars will always be one of my favorites. Just too great of a concept to ever not enjoy it. I imagine I will probably be watching it and drawing characters like these until I cannot hold a pencil or stylus or whatever comes next. :)

      Thanks again Andrew and always happy to hear you enjoy the work!