Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Manga Studio 5 EX Vs. Sketchbook Pro 7 - Review

I was asked to do a comparison between these two immensely powerful programs.  I have done plenty of videos on each of these and their usefulness to creating comics.  But now it is time to put them head to head and figure out which software will reign supreme in the ever changing apocalyptic    world of digital art!  Was that too intense?  Yeah, I think it was.  Let me take it down a notch or two. ;)

I think both of these programs are amazing in their own areas.  I actually feel like a wouldn't want to part with either one of them.  I love the fluidity of sketching in Sketchbook Pro 7.  It feels as if my digital pen has wings.  Gliding through the drawing process as if angels were guiding my every move.  Alright maybe not that nice but it works really well.  And the perspective tool in Sketchbook Pro 7 is pretty amazing.  It allows you to draw perspective in a more interactive way but does lack in the area of being able to change your perspective rulers from one to another.  You get the one and simply have to move it around.  Come on guys, you can do better than that.  Then the only other thing that Sketchbook Pro really needs is the ability to add separate windows to its interface.  As an artist that is very important to have and this program simply does not have it.  Other than those couple of things it is an awesome program.  It has the most streamline interface that allows you to get into the drawing process and stay there.  Your not busy trying to figure out complex software architecture.  You can simply create! ( Kudos! )

As far as Manga Studio 5 EX is concerned, it is loaded with everything and the kitchen sink.  No seriously, I think there is a kitchen sink in there somewhere.  It is probably in the 3D models portion of the program.  That program does more than I will probably ever find out but I will have lots of fun trying to learn it all.  Every time I turnaround I learn something new that it can do.  It is basically like if Photoshop and Sketchbook Pro got drunk one night and had a baby.  That baby would be Manga Studio 5 EX.  Sorry for the bad metaphor but its all I got. ;)
Manga Studio has a lot of the image editing capabilities that Photoshop has along with the drawing, inking, and perspective rulers that make for a great comic book creation software.  And lets not forget the ability to save out a single PDF file for an easy upload of your digital comic. ( Thanks Guys! )

So both of these programs have a lot of possibilities and to tell you the truth I need them both.  There are just certain aspects of each that won't allow me to kick the other one out of bed.  Not just yet anyways.  We will have to see what the updates bring us in the future.

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As always, thanks for your time and keep drawing, keep having fun!

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