Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Painting A Futuristic City - Concept Art for the Blackstone Comic

So here is another labor of love.  This is a painting that I stared in Photoshop and then it made its way into Manga Studio 5.  Just because there are certain effects I actually prefer in that program.  So just like it started in one program and ended in another so has the concept of the art as well.  This started as just another portfolio piece but as I began to paint it and my day dreaming started to kick in, I began to think about how this could fit into the Blackstone Comic.  I mean, come on, that is why I draw/paint this stuff in the first place, right?!  So as I began to work through this piece I started to think of the middle build as a high profile maximum prison and who better to get thrown into this slammer than Blackstone.  It would make for a nice book at any rate.  He gets put in here under lock and key and has to break his way out and of course, no one and I mean NO ONE has ever made it out alive.  Why?  Because not only is this facility state of the art it also has a living organism that is part of the structure itself.  Imagine never being able to evade detection because the entire compound is alive and watching you.  Creepy right?!  Good creepy is fun so there is the idea.  Next the details have to evolve.  Will he team up with others in the compound to make the break?  Will one of his many enemies seeking revenge break in to make sure he is finished off this time?  Only time will tell.

So that is how I come up with ideas for my book.  Not sure when this one will actually make it there but I love to work on concepts like these and hopefully get them into print one day.  Still on book #2 and it has been very slow in the making but I am always trying to figure out ways to dedicate more time to the project.  So for those of you that are patient and have supported by getting a copy,  I thank you!

Thanks for reading and more on the way real soon!

Robert A. Marzullo
Ram Studios Comics

You can get a copy of the Blackstone comic here....

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