Saturday, July 30, 2016

Drawing Spider-man on the iPad Pro in Procreate

So here is my latest drawing of Spidey on the iPad Pro using the program Procreate.  I must say I am really enjoying this tablet.  And Procreate is making the drawing process feel very natural as well.  With some of the best perspective tools I have seen and even a handy "Quickline" feature that I have not seen anywhere else.  Not that keeps the same brush effect anyways.  So this drawing was created with the new setup and I am pretty happy with it.  It still isn't as finished of a piece as I would do on my Cintiq but it allows me to create on the move and still get to a close enough rendering where I can touch it up on my desktop if I have to.  But really I don't think I would need to.   I like the rough
pencil look I get on this program.  Looks more like drawing on paper in my opinion.

You can see a quick demonstration of the perspective tools of Procreate along with the Quick line feature here -

More on the way real soon and be sure to let me know what characters you would like to see in future drawings!

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