Saturday, July 2, 2016

How to Digitally Paint in Manga Studio 5 - Lesson 3 is Now Available on my Gumroad

Link to Lesson -

Lesson 3 of 5 - Creating a Fantasy Art Style Tree

This is a step by step process that where I demonstrate my techniques in painting with Manga Studio 5 EX - Clip Studio Paint Pro and narrate the entire process. This 3rd lesson is entirely in real time at 2 Hours and 51 Minutes. I am using a Wacom Tablet to create this artwork.

3.1 In this lesson we will be going straight to paint without drawing any line work.  This is different from the rest of this course but it is an important study when trying to improve your digital painting skills.  I will show you how to create a silhouette of our project and then apply effects to the concept. We will purposely make changes to the study throughout the lesson to show you that painting this way can be fun and lead to new ideas.  That you don't necessarily have to draw everything out but you can if you prefer. 

3.2 This lesson will also cover how to create custom brushes inside of Manga Studio 5 and why they can be huge time savers for certain aspects of your digital paint work.  We will use them to enhance our painting and add texture to areas that need it.  You will get copies of all the brushes created in this lesson as well.
This Lesson Includes -
 1.  The Real Time Video File with Audio Commentary at 2 Hours and 51 Minutes.

2.  The PSD Layered Artwork to Study From.  ( Manga Studio Supports PSD's as well )

3.  The Custom Brushes Used to Make this Lesson and a Few Extras! ;)

It is my pleasure to teach you this lesson and I hope you will watch the other lessons from this course as they all teach specific topics for Digitally Painting in Manga Studio 5 / Clip Studio Paint Pro.  Thank you for watching and good luck with your Art!

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