Saturday, September 17, 2016

Drawing Eyes - Various Expressions by Robert A. Marzullo

Hello Everyone! I hope all is well.  I just wanted to share some of my scribbles with you today! This is the way that I practice each area in my artwork.  I think by doing these studies, you can attack bigger more advanced drawings with a bit more confidence.

I pick a topic and draw a bunch of them to gain perspective on that particular thing.  This time it was eyes, next it might be buildings or animals or whatever.  It's funny how you go to draw something and you quickly realize it may not be the best aspect of your art.  You then have the option to crumple up the paper and go to your safe zone.  You know, the things you can draw without thinking too hard.  I don't like to give into that too much.  It's better to attack those weak areas head on.

So do lots of studies like these in your free time and you'll be glad that you did.  I always struggle with the bend of the legs and how the anatomy works in that specific area from various angles.  So guess what I will be focusing on next week!  I could just draw characters standing straight up all the time but then nobody wants to see a bunch of stiff super heroes, do they?

You can also see a speed drawing of these eyes here -

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This course has had a very positive response and I am now working on a Part 2 where we will focus more on character interactions such as fight scenes, characters in motion, basic interactions, body expressions, posture, and much more!

So thanks very much for stopping by and follow me on Youtube for free video lessons each week!

Robert A. Marzullo
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