Thursday, September 1, 2016

Drawing Batman on the iPad Pro using Procreate

Here is a fan art piece of Batman that I did entirely on the iPad Pro with the software Procreate.  And I must tell you it feels very natural to traditional drawing methods.  I am now hooked with this device.  It follows me everywhere.  With the Apple Pencil I can sketch on the go and they did a great job with the battery life for both the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.
Plus Procreate is no slouch either.  It supports exporting to PSD's which keeps all your layers intact.  It has some of the best perspective drawing tools that I have found thus far.  And it even saves a time lapse video with every drawing that you create.  For an app it sure seems like a powerhouse of a program.
So now I am doing my best to create full comic pieces and I will even start drawing some of my panels to my Blackstone comic on here next.  I was really just looking for a way to do basic sketches on the go, but the more I use it the more I feel that it may be fully capable of completing finished works of art!
Probably the best thing about the entire process is that it is so responsive.  I don't feel any lag whatsoever and the Apple Pencil feels more natural than any other stylus I have tried.  It also feels like it is directly on the surface versus some tablets where the pen tip has a small gap from the drawing area because of the screen thickness.

All and all I must give this setup a 9 out of 10!  I would give it a perfect 10 but Procreate doesn't open PSD's yet and it doesn't have primitive shapes which I think is just a tiny bit silly.  You can create custom brushes to get around that issue or download them.  But I think it they add a few more features this will be a lot closer to a desktop experience on the go!
Thanks for reading and more on the way real soon!

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