Monday, November 14, 2016

Udemy's Black Friday Sale Started Today!

So Udemy's Black Friday Sale is here.  This is my first year being an instructor and I wasn't aware that this even existed a few months ago.  I mean we all have heard of the deals you get on Black Friday but I never knew that it was used in the digital learning platform community.  Now I know, and I guess it's a pretty BIG deal.

So just so you know what I am talking about, today all the courses on Udemy went on sale for $10.  Which for some courses that sell for up to $200 that can be a huge savings.  And Udemy does some heavy promotions to get the word out on this event.  Then viola, instant fat cash for the instructors.  Well, sometimes anyways.  It seems that the big heavy hitters do really well with this sale and some people don't quite make the cut.  Makes sense really.  Udemy is going to push the ones that have a larger conversion and overall success rate to maximize their profits.  You really cannot blame them for that.  Overall, everyone stands to gain more students in this process and students mean sustainable income if you are a good instructor that continually can put out great content.  It's the name of the game no matter what platform you decide to work within.  After all, "Content is King."

Now some might play the numbers game and just push out lots of product with low quality content.  And to tell you the truth, it probably would work with at least some small degree of quality.  You know the Taco Bell of instructional video.  ( No offense Taco Bell, you know I love you. ) And you really can't blame someone for that.  If they wan't to work twice as hard to push low quality volume then so be it! It's an open market place.  Me on the other hand, I would rather focus on quality over quantity.  But I am not going to not produce because there might be a better video course on the same subject matter.   Although I strive for quality I don't give in to the fears of not being the absolute best in the industry.  That is a sure fire way to slow and even kill your motivation.  You can be aware that people are doing something better than you but cannot let that hinder you from jumping in the game.  If you wait until you are good enough by other peoples standards then you may wait too long and miss lots of great opportunities.  Besides if you are like me then you learn by doing anyways.  So jump on in and get started!

So Black Friday is here and I not sure if I will get lots of amazing sales since I am still new to this game but I am hopeful.  There are three major sales of the year like this and some instructors have made claims that they make the majority of their income of theses sales.  So is you have some expertise in a popular subject matter.  Get to work and start sharing the knowledge.  The video learning platform has taken over and I don't see it going anywhere for quite some time.  Well, until they can download stuff into your brain like the Matrix!

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