Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Custom Brushes for Clip Studio Paint Pro / Manga Studio 5 - 50 Digital Painting Textures and Efffects

Hello Everyone!  I just wanted to put the word out that I am in the middle of a new brush set.  These are for the amazing program Clip Studio Paint Pro A.K.A. Manga Studio 5.  I was asked to do this set a while ago and like always, stuff ( meaning work ) seems to get in the way.  But now I am finally here and enjoying the process entirely.

The brush engine in Clip Studio Paint is fantastic.  It really gives you the most freedom to create amazing brushes that really do work.  So far with this brush pack I have been able to create some real winners that I can honestly say I will be using quite a bit.  Here are some of the brushes that will be in this 50 pack - Foliage brushes, power effects, fur brush, hair brush, tree bark, reptile skin, rock textures, cloud brush, rain, lightning, monster teeth, water effects and many more.  Along with some background patterns like hexagons and carbon fiber.

This set will help to save lots of time on various textures.  You will still need to add your own style  over top of these effects and these are not meant to replace your art as much as they are to help you grow and learn while creating.  I have already gotten lots of great feedback from other artists on this set and I will do my best to get your ideas in here if I can.

Keep in mind that right now you can get this set for $4 as a pre-release option.  There are currently 8 brushes available for download right now and more on the way.  The rest will be finished by the end of November and new ones are uploaded daily for you to start playing around with.  By buying it now you  get access to the brushes as they are created but when the full set of 50 brushes goes live the price will increase to $8.  But you will be locked in by buying early and get access to all updates to this set for free.

Here are some of the brushes and effects that are already ready to go....

This image was created using the hair, fur, and magic brush.

There are currently 8 brushes ready to use and counting.....

You can get your copy here - Gumroad Link -

You can watch a video of the foliage and nebula power brush being demonstrated here -

I thank you for stopping by and appreciate your support of my work.  It helps me to keep creating new brushes and new artwork.  For that I am eternally grateful!!

Robert A. Marzullo
Ram Studios Comics

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