Saturday, October 31, 2015

How to Draw a City in a 2 Point Perspective Using Sketchbook Pro 7

Here is a video I should have done a while ago but better late than never, right?  This one is on how to draw a city in a two point perspective.  I used Sketchbook Pro 7 and its pretty awesome perspective rulers to complete the task but you should be able to do this with traditional methods as well.  Of course you could use Manga Studio 5 which also has some pretty cool perspective rulers.  So what's up with the Adobe guys???  Hurry up and add some perspective tools already! 

 So if you have every struggled drawing a city then hopefully this one will help you.  I tried to keep it basic and easy to follow.  Let me know what you think of it and if you have any questions, then I am all ears.  I will try to do some more variations of this type of video.  Worms eye view of a city or a 3 Point Perspective might be fun to do as well.  Futuristic city scape on an alien world.  Now that sounds like fun!! ( Man, I am such a nerd..... :>/ )

So at any rate, I hope you enjoy this video and more on the way very soon.  

You can watch it here.......

Good luck with your art!! 

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