Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Spiderman Digital Art by Robert A. Marzullo

Here is my latest mixed media digital art piece.  Spider-man swinging over a city scape.  You are probably wondering, "What do you mean mixed media?"  Isn't digital art just digital art?  Yes it really is but by mixed media I mean using various programs to execute one piece of art.  Some artist prefer to use only one program to create their art pieces and for some reasons that can be the best idea.  By staying in one program you can focus more on the work and less on which buttons or short cuts go to which program.  But I like to use more that one tool sometimes.  Mainly because certain programs excel in certain areas.  

For instance, this drawing started in Procreate on the iPad Pro.  I started there because I love the drawing experience of that device and because it has some exceptional perspective tools which I felt would really help me to create the cityscape behind Spidey.  Also I can move around when conceptualizing instead of being tethered to my workstation.  Which I think really stagnates creativity at times.  

Then for the inks I moved this piece over to Manga Studio 5 EX (also known as Clip Studio Paint Pro) which I still feel has the best inking brush engine in the business.  It also support perspective tools so that I can ink my perspective lines as easily after setting up my vanishing points of course.  I would generally add my colors in this program as well but there are just a few more options in the big dog of design programs, Photoshop CC.

So then I move my work over to Photoshop and add colors and post processing effects.  When it comes to colorizing your work and changing things like saturation, levels, lens flares, blending modes, and the list goes on and on, none of them seem to hold a candle to Photoshop. IMO.  And this all becomes relatively easy to do because each of these programs supports PSD's.  So everyone is pretty aware of who the big dog is in the pack.  But for some strange reason Photoshop lacks just a few choice tools at the moment.  Where the heck are the perspective features?  I am sure they are right around the corner but it seems like this powerhouse of a program would have already covered that base.  Oh well, for now I will just keep using them all.  I actually enjoy the process anyways. 

So that is what I mean by mixed media.  Really it is just me using a few programs together to get the best aspect/tool of them all.  Hopefully you like the end result.  I really enjoy creating this type of artwork with my digital tools.  So keep an eye out because more is on the way real soon! ;)

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