Monday, January 30, 2017

Comic Book Heroes Pose Pack - RAM

Comic Book Heroes Pose Pack

I started my first Comic Book Heroes Pose pack on my Gumroad. These will consist of all of my favorite poses that I have developed over the years and a bunch of new ideas that I am working out. There will be action poses such as fighting, lifting objects, throwing, kicking, power poses and so on. There will also be a lot of the overlooked stuff like basic social interactions. Even things like sitting around drinking a cup of coffee. You need all sorts of poses to tell a well rounded story. ( You are also welcome to make requests on a pose you would like to see. ) This is just the start of this pose pack so get it early and get access to all of these as they are created and uploaded. The price will increase when the pack gets larger but for now you can get your copy at the bargain price of $3. You will get all the future updates included if you purchase now. The other benefit to this pose pack is that they will be organized for easy access. So if you find yourself in a pinch when constructing that next panel of art you can quickly reference this pack. These will be in a mannequin style drawing so that you are not hindered in your own creative process. I will include some anatomy shots but they are merely for you to study. This is not meant to replace your own drawing process but act as an aid to it. You can still jump on my Ram Studios Comics newsletter and you will get lots of free poses to work along with but they will be more gesture and style based than this pose pack will be. Join the newsletter here - If you want to try it out here is my Gumroad link - As always, thank you for your support and good luck with your art! :) Robert A. Marzullo Ram Studios Comics

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