Friday, February 26, 2016

Ogre Progression Painting Created in Manga Studio 5

Been having some fun inside of Manga Studio 5 with the digital painting.  Here is a study I did from a 3D image that I found online.  I tried to find the artist but apparently there are a few people saying they created this design so I guess I will just leave that alone this time.  This is simply a practice piece to help me get a better understanding of light, shadow, color, form, depth, etc....

I wanted to show the process here because I feel that not enough people are aware that Manga Studio 5 is an exceptional painting program. ( And believe me, I have tried them all! )  The thing or things that I like about Manga Studio are that the brushes rarely lag and the smooth watercolor is just a fantastic brush design.  You can apply paint and blend paint with the same brush which saves lots of time and gives you a more natural feel to traditional methods.....not that I have ever painted traditionally or anything.  Well, besides finger painting in the  1st grade. :)

The other thing that I wanted to show in this process is that you don't necessarily need an advanced drawing device to create this type of work.  Now by advanced I mean a direct to screen device, I don't mean to imply that you can do this with a mouse.  Maybe you can but it seems as if it would take a ridiculous amount of time to complete.  This was done with an Intuos 5 and it wasn't too bad for time.  Around 7 hours to complete.  Keep in mind I don't use the Intuos as much as my Cintiq so this would have been faster on a direct to screen device but the thing I enjoyed most about using the Intuos was my posture.  I was able to relax and lean back while painting which doesn't seem like a big deal until you are working on a project for 7 hours then believe me, posture is a very big deal.  

So those were the main focus areas of this type of piece.  Now on to the next one.  I learned a lot on this study so I will be doing more.  I love painting 3D renders because the lighting and textures are so well done.  Great for observations.  I hope you like the work and please check out my links below to support the art!

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