Friday, February 26, 2016

Speed Painting Orgrim from World of Warcraft

Here is a speed painting of Orgrim Warhammer from World of Warcraft.  I was inspired to do this one with the awesome movie art and 3D designs they have been putting out.  Cannot wait to see that this movie later this year.  This was painted in my favorite painting program Manga Studio 5 and I used a Wacom Intuos 5 even though I have this pretty little Cintiq staring at me all jealous right now. lol.  Why you ask?  I did it to prove to myself that I can.  I always get artist on my Youtube channel saying that they wish they had a Cintiq or Apply iPad Pro or whatever so that they could draw like their favorite digital artist.  And I just want them to know that you can overcome the tool at hand.  I am no great artist.  I am decent.....I think.  But if I can do it, then by golly so can you!  So just practice, practice, practice and when you are ready to give up cause you little fingers hurt, draw some more!!  We don't give up soldier!  Sorry I know that was a little over the top.  :/  

Anyways, I know digital art isn't cheap to get into and Cintiqs definitely are not cheap but if you can get a basic tablet on a decent system then you can create art like this.  And if not then just stick to pen and paper and keep selling your originals until you can afford all this stuff.  Either way, just enjoy what you create and you will always be happy that my friends is truly the golden egg! ;)

Thanks for watching and more on the way very soon!!

Robert A. Marzullo
Ram Studios Comics

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