Friday, August 19, 2016

Udemy Discount Codes on my Drawing Courses

Here are some discount codes for my Udemy Courses.  For a limited time you can get access to my figure drawing course on the Udemy platform for 50% Off

This is a basic approach to Figure Drawing for comics. This entire tutorial is 3.5 hours. I share techniques that I have used over the years to create comic book illustrations and storyboards for television. You will learn how to systematically break down the various parts of the body into simpler shapes.  As I illustrate each area step by step you will follow along and learn from my studies. This will give you insight into how I create my artwork and create poses from the mind. I also share what techniques I use to improve my knowledge of the human form. Things like gesture drawings, timed studies of the pose, negative space drawing, foreshortening, perspective, organic versus angular lines, and much more. You will also be given a copy of the art files that I have created here so that you can work along and study from them. By the end of this course you should be more confident in constructing your figure drawings from the mind and have a better understanding of the human form. 
The tips and tricks from this course will make the process of drawing complex body poses much easier to accomplish. Good luck with your art!

Here is the offer code and I hope you enjoy the course!

This is  a comprehensive Video Tutorial on How to Draw Comic Book Faces in Sketchbook Pro 8. This video set is 1 hour and 20 minutes with Sketchbook Pro 8 layered files included.  You will also get a copy of my Ram Studios Comics page template.  I will show you and explain the process of how I start with basic forms and techniques to create my comic book characters in this easy to understand software.  We will create the line art, refine the lines, and apply color.  You will learn about various brushes, layers, and general drawing techniques for better comic book illustration.

This course is 6 Lessons that explain the entire drawing process of a Male and Female face from start to finish.  This artwork is created digitally but many of the techniques in this course will also apply to traditional art as well.

                                    Here is the offer code and I hope you enjoy the course!

More courses are in production now so if you enjoy these be on the lookout for a Part 2 on How to Improve your Figure Drawing - Characters in Action
And How to Draw the Head from Any Angle - Features and Expressions.
Both will be very in depth studies with lots of content!

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