Thursday, August 11, 2016

Discount Offer Code on my Gumroad Page - 50% OFF

First off if you are reading this and you are someone that has already been to my Gumroad store and purchased something, Thank You! It has really helped me to continue drawing, painting, and creating tutorials which I love to do. I am not saying it pays all my bills but it sure doesn't hurt. I have been able to justify spending the time that I do on Youtube making videos and replying to comments. ( Which takes lots of hours to do by the way. But I enjoy it! ) I like to help out when I can. It also has given me a guide on what is wanted and what is not.  Youtube does that for me as well but not in the same regard. As you know we will all watch something for free and sometimes we will catch ourselves watching something we don't even particular enjoy or care about.  Just zoning out on the boob tube I guess.  But, when it is something you pay for then you are much more likely to be committed to it.  You probably wouldn't spend the money otherwise.  So it really shows me what people are after when  they take my video tutorials or a full course.  Which is great because I need that direction some times.  Sitting in a basement studio thinking up ideas can be fun but it can also be mind boggling at times.  What thing shall I teach today in this infinite vastness that is art and comics?  Should I do yet another video tutorial on How to Draw an Eye?  Or should it be a full course on How to Draw an Eye on a Six Legged Winged Spawn from the Planet Nectar?  I would think the first idea would be more popular than the later but what do I know.  Maybe there is a niche in the market for the weird and absurd.  So Gumroad helps me to see that and you as the viewer help me to know that.  

So here is my way to say thanks
When checking out anything at my store use the offer code -  50percentoffnow

And you will see the items get marked down to half.  And, follow me on Gumroad and get future deals.  I will be giving special offers to repeat customers.

Take care and good luck with your art!

Robert A. Marzullo
Ram Studios Comics

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