Friday, August 26, 2016

How to Draw and Paint a Woman's Face in Photoshop - Video Tutorial Set

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In this Video Tutorial Set you will learn How I Draw and Digitally Paint a woman's face.  This is a Step by Step narrated process.  This video is 3.25 hours long from start to finish and it is all in Real Time.  You also get the custom brushes that I used to create this painting and the PSD file with layers to study and work along with. 

I go over many techniques in this tutorial such as using Layers and Groups to organize your painting.  Pressure settings of your brushes and what to be aware of when using them. How to adjust parts of your painting instead of starting over.  How to use the Liquify tool to fix areas of your work.  When to use the quick mask feature.  How to blend paint with the soft brush.  How to control saturation of parts of your image and much more!

The main take away with this lesson is that you can fix a bad image and keep pressing forward.  The start of this drawing was less than perfect but I kept with it and was able to turn it into a decent work of art.  I hope that you can learn from that experience and spend more time finishing your works and not throwing then in the recycling bin!  

If you have any questions.  Feel free to ask and thank you for supporting my work and good luck with yours!

Robert A. Marzullo
Ram Studios Comics

Video Set Includes -
3.25 Hours Video / Narrated / Interface
Layered PSD Image / 300dpi
Custom PS Brushes 

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