Friday, May 6, 2016

Custom Inking Brushes for Manga Studio 5

My custom inking brushes are now available in Manga Studio 5 as well.  There has been a good response from the Photoshop ones so upon request I have transferred them over to Manga Studio 5 in the SUT format.  I will be doing a demonstration video on these as well.  I am even creating a fan art piece with these just to show them on an actual illustration.  These brushes should save time in some areas and help with some cool effects.  The cross hatching and the texture brushes are fun to use and the kirby crackle is pretty much spot on.  And the set even has bullet holes.  You can never have enough bullet holes in my opinion. lol

So I hope you enjoy these and I would love to see how you use them in your work!  This set is available for download on my Gumroad page for $5 and there are a couple free Photoshop brushes as well.  More Manga Studio or Clip Studio Paint brushes are on the way!

Thanks for your support!

Link to the brushes -

And check out my course on Digital Painting in Manga Studio 5 - Working in Perspective

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