Thursday, May 26, 2016

FREE Course on Drawing Faces in Sketchbook Pro - Udemy

This course is now FREE on Udemy for a limited time.  I am getting ready to release a new course on Figure Drawing so I am making this one free to let people try my teaching style and see if they are interested or not.  Then hopefully they stick with me for all the other courses I will be producing.  So let me know what you think of this course and if you find value in it then please leave an honest review.  I would like to know if I did a good job with this one.  I believe the course on figure drawing will be a big hit.  I am covering lots of great topics that will help people that struggle with the human figure.  It will include breaking down the forms to basic shapes, foreshortening, and drawing the form in action.

This course will show you how to draw the male and female face from start to finish using Sketchbook Pro 8.  From the rough lines all the way to colors.  Using layers, brushes, blending modes, and more.  I hope you enjoy it and please share this link if you know anyone that might be interested.

More on the way real soon!

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Ram Studios Comics

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